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What would you ask the world?

If you're an academic who wants to ask something of a large and representative sample of the public, or if there's a debate you want settled by public opinion, I might be able to help. [edit: the form is now closed, thanks all]

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I'm opening my annual call for guest videos! As usual, I'll be taking January off, and I'm looking for YouTube creators who'd want to step in for a video. If that's you, apply! If you're not sure if that's you, apply anyway! All the details are here:

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I'm running a brief survey about language, which might become part of a future video! It should take about 2-3 minutes. [Edit: thanks all! The survey is now closed.]

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And away we go again! Over on the @Matt and Tom channel, the third season of Two Of These People Are Lying has started, with the rest of the Technical Difficulties team. As ever, I won't notify the main channel for each show, so go subscribe over there if it's your sort of thing!

1 years ago | [YT] | 675

Over on the Matt and Tom channel, Two Of These People Are Lying has returned for the first of a new run of four episodes! So if you miss Citation Needed, do have a look.

2 years ago | [YT] | 515

If you've missed Citation Needed, then the Technical Difficulties team are back over on the @Matt and Tom channel! All new format, three episodes, every Wednesday starting right now. (I won't be linking every week's video over here, don't worry!)

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Citation Needed fans! The Tech Dif team are back in the kitchen with four new experiments — one every Saturday over on the Matt and Tom channel. I won’t post the rest over here, that’s what subscriptions are for, but it seemed right to give folks a heads up about the first!

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Advance warning: tomorrow's video will be delayed on account of total solar eclipse. There's no point putting anything out tomorrow! Expect it on Wednesday.

Those near the eclipse: good luck with the weather tomorrow! Everyone else: good luck putting up with the posts from everyone near the eclipse...

4 years ago | [YT] | 2,740

The episode of Citation Needed that was due to be published today contains some references and jokes about buildings being burned down. In the light of yesterday's fire at Grenfell Tower, those lines are inappropriate at best. We're making the call to postpone the episode until next week, and our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fire.

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If you've got a lazy Saturday morning, then go watch this: I've made an appearance over on the British Museum's channel — playing the world's oldest board game against the man who deciphered its rules! This was so much fun to be part of.

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