Captain Disillusion

RASH A1Mさんとのコラボ動画を日本語吹替で公開しました。@RASH A1M ラッシュエイムさん、ありがとう!!ぜひチェックしてみてください!


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Judging by the comments on the last post, about 1M out of the 2.2M of you are not aware that I released a new video 👀 So here it is again, just in case:

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Sarah, go back to your room. Play with your TikToks and Twitch streams. Forget about the Captain.

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I thought I was attending the G7 summit, but it turned out to be this talk show.

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I don’t know how people can say we look anything alike 🙄

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Every Frame a Pain-in-the-butt

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Gonna be on a livestream with my old pals, the SGU in a few minutes!

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Please watch this fantastic piece of sci-fi filmmaking by my friend Ian Hubert! It's out of this world!

I'm immensely proud to have rented out my intern for a tiny part of the project.

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Check out the mesmerizing process of how Bill crafted the ship interior demo panel for my video! So shiny... 😎

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