My name is EazySpeezy and this channel shows off a more casual side of speedrunning. I've loved speedrunning for years and always enjoy experiencing new games, so I speedrun a variety of fun, and lesser known games, as well as larger games here and there. My videos are made to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and hopefully entertain others while I'm at it. I also sometimes do variety content as well so be on the lookout for that too!

I speedrun many different games, but my main ones are currently Yandere Simulator, The Sims, and games from the Papa Louie series. Other than that, I love to speedrun obscure, old, nostalgic, and simply just fun games like Minecraft, Mario Kart, Cooking Mama 2, Mario, Zelda, and more. Join me as I try to go fast.