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hi my premium beautiful lovely viewers. it's me jarvis again here to let you know episode 2 of black white is up on my vod channel


we'll be watching the remaining episodes on twitch pretty soon!

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in case you wanna watch the full 3 hour reaction to black white episode 1 it's on a new vod channel i made


you can also watch future episodes here or on twitch directly. we are going to finish this wretched series

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I Hired A Child To Teach Me Minecraft - https://youtu.be/WSEzfYWjgGk


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i will be streaming pokemon snap today on twitch at 2pm pst

twitch.tv/jarvisjohnson :)

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thank you for 300k premium viewers 😌

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hello premium viewers! leave your memes and things for me to react to on the subreddit because i want to do a video about it!


here's a selfie of me asking nicely

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i sent my friend Ruxin34 my yugioh cards and he made a video about it. let’s support him please 🥺


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idk if you'll see this but a lot of people haven't been notified about my last video on the main channel. i worked rly hard on it and i hope you like it!


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Premium people! I have a limited time merch drop of champion tees that are available for the next two days. i wanted to offer hoodies and sweatshirts but due to stock limitations im unable too rn. stock is super limited on the shirts so i’m letting you premium know!

also there’s “crying my best” shirts!


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tomorrow at 11am PT on this channel i’m gonna be streaming my childhood nostalgia. i’m so excited 🥺🥺

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