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Hey guy!

No new video for at least a few more days, we’ve been busy rehearsing and getting ready for our super big and very important tour! It’s so important and big.

But I hereby give you permission to enjoy this video on Danny’s channel where we roast the living heck out of Jeremy Renner’s very weird app.


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Having a great time with my new friend! No, this is NOT a prop for an upcoming video, this is just my new friend :-) His name is Friend.

Anyway now that I have your attention, Danny Gonzalez and I have been working together on a fun cool live show that we want to perform in front of all you guy but we need your help figuring out the hottest best cities in which to share our immense (I may be overselling it) talent.

If that sounds like something you just GOTTA see, please take a couple minutes to fill out this quick survey so we know that your city is in desperate need of two dudes doing comedy:


This will make planning our route and booking venues a whole lot easier so thanks a bunch and happy birthday!

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Hey guy! There's a brand new, steaming hot collab over on @Danny Gonzalez's page where we read/re-enact a very strange fanfic that was written about us. I think you might enjoy it. I know I didn't.


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Hi everyone I am in this video with Mikaela and Danny where we do her makeup and are definitely not drunk. Please watch it and comment “it is very obvious that drew won”. It will mean a lot to me and, more importantly, it will hurt Danny’s feelings.


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So many of you have asked me to collab with Danny, and even though I think that guy stinks to the max, I begrudgingly did it anyway.

Enjoy, like & subscribe, but be sure to comment how much funnier I am than him. He likes that!

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Hey little stinkers.

More of your regularly scheduled content will be coming soon, but in the meantime please enjoy this 42 minute conversation wherein Amanda and I discuss how we met on Vine, and how we survived a year and a half of living 2,000 miles away from each other before getting engaged. We also give general advice to anyone who happens to be in a long distance relationship.

This is episode 1 of a podcast that I intend on doing weekly, so if that is something you are interested in, feel free to subscribe to this channel. If you are not interested, that’s fine too.

Thank you for your time. Carry on.

-Drew “Big Stinker” Gooden

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Hey stinkers,

Check out this video I’m in! This is the best collab on this website since Youtube Rewind 2011. Nerd City, iDubbbz, ME!!! What more could you ask for??

I also highly recommend watching Nerd’s first two Try Hards videos. They’re incredibly well-produced and thoroughly researched exposés on the dark secrets behind some of Instagram’s most famous butts.

Get to it!!!!

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Hey stinkers

New video today, so get hyped for that

New merch announcement tomorrow, so get slightly less hyped for that


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too late to post a video about logan paul?

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Just wanted to pass along my new favorite video

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