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Move over AMD and NVIDIA, there is a new kid on the block: https://twitter.com/hardwaresavvy/sta...

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Which TV tech do you like the most? For those who don't know the difference, watch this: https://youtu.be/AHq_2bNtZaM

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Have you actually tried doing this? https://twitter.com/hardwaresavvy/sta...

In the dark ages (aka about 10 years ago), I've actually did this on my laptop and it actually sped it up lol 😆

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Today we've crossed 100K, ya filthy animals! But seriously, thank you for becoming part of the Savvy Fam community, ladies and gents! You're amazing! Bigger and bolder things to come! 🍷 🍾

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Savvy Fam. Do you want to see short 30-60 second tech reviews?

Like, the latest PCs, laptops, peripherals, monitors, mice, graphics cards, keyboards etc.

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The NVIDIA RTX 2050 was announced. Here's how it compares to 2060 and 3050: https://youtube.com/shorts/HUfmV4o5sPA

Should it even exist?

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Do you want to see crypto videos on this channel, too?

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Savvy Fam, thoughts on the new video format, frequency and topics? 🤔

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This week, I might start posting multiple short 1-3 minute tip videos in a normal landscape format. I want to fill up the channel with quality material, as the YouTube shorts never provided me with the opportunity to really explain all intricacies for every tip I gave out.

But there might be 2-5 video releases daily. The idea is to create a library of higher quality tips that YouTube can recommend for years to come. Are you guys cool with that?

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What do have?

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