brian david gilbert

everyone is constantly asking me, "Hey Brian, how come you haven't made a Halloween-themed ABBA cover album?"
so i made one. it arrives next week.

Lay All Your Love On Me, performed by a vampire, drops October 25th.
the other 4 songs come out October 26th.

this is the biggest/silliest project i've done in a very long time, and i am extremely excited for you to hear it.

arrangements by Jonah Scott:
monsters by me.
prepare your halloween playlists.

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hello i have a merch store now if that's something that interests you

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Y'all got me to 500k subscribers. I'm a little overwhelmed. Sorry my videos take so long, but if you'd like to watch/listen to the other stuff I make between videos, I started streaming to hold myself accountable for exercising ( ) and my podcast is back ( ). I have a new video that should be out soon. It might be the strangest one yet. This is a screenshot from the video. It doesn't fit with this post, but it's all I've got. Thank you again for getting me to this milestone. I'm extremely grateful. Y'all are amazing.

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hey everyone i'm gonna post a video on this channel tomorrow i hope you enjoy it

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