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Hey everyone,

Hope you enjoyed the Wii Sports video. Just wanted to update you all on the state of the channel for the next few months.

First off, I'm gonna finally switch to doing YouTube full time in March! It's been a long time coming. My upload schedule for the past few years has been somewhere in the range of 5-6 videos per year, but I'm hoping to increase that to more like 8 per year. I've also been holding off on doing some bigger topics (Ocarina of Time, Super Metroid, etc) because of lack of time, but starting in March, I should be able to cover topics like that with some regularity.

In the meantime, however, videos might come at a bit slower rate. I'm gonna try to get one up before the end of the year, but there might not be one for a while after that. The videos I upload until March also might be a bit shorter than normal. I'll have to wait and see how busy I am but at least come March, everything should open up a bit. Most of 2022 will be a bit hectic for me but going full time will at least allow for much more youtube time.

Finally, if you're not subscribed to my alt YT channel, I uploaded a soundtrack of songs from my videos. It's an hour and a half long, and should be good background noise for whatever purpose you may want to use it. Check it out here -

See you all soon!

PS - if you’d like to give me some extra support upon switching to full time, I do have a patreon at , but don’t feel obligated to do so - just watching and enjoying helps too!

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Just wanted to let you all know that I think I have the date of my next upload figured out - 12/31/20. 2020 has largely sucked, so let's have it go out with a bang. Will hopefully be up in the afternoon/evening. New Years Eve is obviously gonna be different for most this year, so if you don't have any plans, hopefully you do now.

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Hey everyone,

Today, I'm launching my rebranded channel icon. It's a bit of a change but I'm definitely happy with how it turned out. I wanted to finally have an image without Nintendo's intellectual property in it so that I can move into merchandizing, which will be coming soon!

Also, new video coming later this month. Thanks for all the support as always :)

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500,000 subscribers!
Thank you all so much! It's just unreal to think that so many people enjoy watching what I make. I was going to make a video thanking you all, but given that I barely have enough time to make the regular videos, I figured it wasn't worth it.
Speaking of that, I'm really sorry it takes so long in between videos right now. I really just don't have that much free time to dedicate to making videos, since this isn't my full time job. I'm hoping the next video will be done in a month or so (it should be 40+ minutes long at least). I'll probably have more time to work on them over the coming months, so it'll eventually get better.
Bottom line- thank you so much. I didn't ever expect getting this much attention online. I work really hard on my videos, and I'm really glad that so many people appreciate them.

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Quick update now that we have this new community tab:

Been pretty busy lately, but there will absolutely be a new video before the end of the month- the research is done and the script is partially written, I just have to finish it and then edit it all together.
In the meantime, I stream on my twitch page pretty often. You should follow or something idk:

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